Patch Maintenance 14.09.17 - 6th Anniversary Celebration!
Sep. 12. 2017
Attention Mercenaries! 
We will be performing a patch maintenance for Crossfire Europe on Thursday, September 14th.  
Maintenance will start at 07:00 AM CEST and should last approximately 6 hours. During this time Crossfire will not be available for play and the website may not be reachable. We will keep you informed as soon as the servers will be up again.
Content of this patch:
- A special competition where players will be ranked in 8 categories, and for which ranks will be shown in a dedicated page on the website. Top 50 players in each category will receive 10 free capsule tickets, and players in the top 10 will receive even more rewards! 
- New Weapon Master Mode
- Daily playtime events with awesome rewards
- EXP&GP boosts
- 2 new GP weapons
- New content for all GP capsules, with new rewards and higher odds to win permanent items
- New Capsule Coupon permanent rewards 
- Free Reward Boxes every Saturday and Sunday in the Attendance Check window
- VVIP M4A1-S Prism Beast, with entirely customizable colors
- Rock & Gold RP capsule including a M4A1 Guitar which plays riffs when you switch weapons or reload 
- Fixes for several glitches and bugs 
Then with the next patch on September 28th:
- A 6th anniversary special lottery with tons of rewards
- The new map Refinery which won the survey “which map do you want to see next in Crossfire Europe?”. 
- A community challenge
- A monthly event for the full month of October
- A special 6th anniversary RP capsule
- EXP&GP boosts
- Fixes for several glitches
Get hyped!

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