6th Anniversary Lottery Winners and Kill 'em All Challenge
Oct. 12. 2017
Attention Mercenaries!

The big 6 year anniversary celebration is coming to an end and we want to thank each and every one of you for participating.
Everyone should have received their participation reward and, if they were lucky, one of the lottery prizes.
Three of you won something special and we would like to share the lucky winners with you: Loquev and AlpinFreak each won the jackpot of 150.000 RP! Mr*slipknot is the lucky winner of the item of choice! Please contact us via ticket.
The winners of the 6th Anniversary Showdown will still receive their forum banner in the next weeks.

Furthermore we want to announce that the Kill 'em All community challenge is completed and the result was overwhelming!
We wanted to see 5.500.000 kills from you and not only did you deliver, you exceeded all expectations and scored an amazing amount of 7.083.722!

The rewarding of these two events is completed now, please check your inventory and/or your RP balance to see if you won anything in the lottery! (We hope you did ;-))

Thank you for celebrating with us and for being a part of the CROSSFIRE EUROPE community!

Your Crossfire Europe Team
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