How do I report a cheater?
Nov. 06. 2017

You can report a hacker / cheater by submitting a ticket and using the category "Report Hack". Attach your *.cfr replay file and indicate the in-game character name of the hacker / cheater you want to report.

  • Always choose the category "report hack".
  • Always put the type of hack / glitch in the topic.
  • Always type the in-game name of the player in the "reported player" section.
  • Always note down time stamps in the replay (minute and second) of the questionable  incidents.
  • If you are reporting a group of hackers / glitchers please submit one ticket per player

Please note that all reports that do not meet these requirements might not be reviewed by our customer support team.

If you have more querstions, you can discuss the topic in ouf forum.

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