New Server - Delta Theater
Nov. 15. 2017

Attention Mercenaries! 


You waited for a long time and now it is happening: Delta Theater is opening its doors! 

The new server will be set up with a maintenance tomorrow morning, 16th of November, starting at 7AM CET.


As most of you know, the aim of the Delta Theater is to test a new server setup and location, and see how this impacts the game performance. We care about making the Crossfire experience as good as possible and we have been investigating many options to make the game more stable and fluid. We have hopes that this new Delta Theater is a step in the right direction. 


But before we eventually roll out this new server setup to all Theaters, we need your help determining if the gaming experience indeed improved in the Delta Theater compared to Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. 


So once you will have played on the Delta Theater, please let us know what it’s like in



Wait, what? I wasn’t listening. What is this Delta Theater thing?


In the course of this year we have received a lot of reports from players regarding the game performance. Players are sometimes experiencing lag and game freezes, which can be a frustrating experience. We took this feedback and investigated to find the root cause of these performance issues, for example by comparing with other versions of Crossfire.

We also created a dedicated server for the CFS European Finals at Gamescom and got very good feedback about it from the tournament contestants.

Therefore, based on the results on aforementioned investigations and tests, we created a server setup that is very similar to the one we used at Gamescom.

Additionally, as this was a concern of many players, the new game server used in Delta Theater is located in Germany.

We are now happy to let players try out the new Delta Theater and are looking forward to hear what you think about it.


Thank you very much for helping to improve Crossfire Europe!


Looking forward to hearing from you!


Team Crossfire Europe

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