Christmas Patch Teaser
Dec. 15. 2017

Attention Mercenaries!

We have our Christmas patch coming next week. Here’s a sneak peek into what’s coming up for you!

Christmas Map
The christmas map will be back for some limited time christmas fun in Team Death Match and Elimination.

2017 Christmas Spray and Namecard will be available for you to share the christmas spirit!

2 New VVIP items
There will be 2 new VVIP items in one patch! Both will be available at a special price for a limited time. Take advantage of our opening offers!
Get hyped for a new character! Subject Alpha comes with in-game emotes and lets you choose from other Mutant variants.
With the AK-12-Knife-Iron Spider we get a new weapon archetype, that doesn’t only come with VVIP perks, but also looks cool as hell!

2017 X-Mas RP Capsule
This is this year’s christmas capsule delivering you the AK-12-Xmas, KAC Chainsaw-Xmas, M200 Cheytac-Xmas, Raging Bull-Xmas, Laser Dagger-Xmas and the Grenade-Xmas for 2017! Yes, you read it: 6 items in one capsule, and higher chances to win a permanent weapon! And that’s not it: there will also be special launch offers.

Return of the best-seller capsule of 2017 Enjoy additional capsules if you buy packs of 30 or 50 of the most wanted capsule of 2017. Which one could it be? In case you missed it earlier this year, now is your chance to get its awesome weapons! The Stellar Alignment RP capsule will be removed with this update. So if you want to buy it, make sure you do it before the patch on the 21st.

But wait, there's more!
We now offer more RP recharging methods.
After some feedback requesting more payment methods for certain countries, we got behind that topic and now offer Xsolla as a new payment method, which includes a wide selection of different payment options for most countries. Xsolla provides over 700 payment systems worldwide, among which are credit and prepaid cards, mobile payments, premium SMS, e-wallets, e-cash and bitcoin, and payment kiosks.

We are looking forward to the christmas patch next week!

Team Crossfire Europe

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