Server Maintenance 20/June/2018 + Masha Character
Jun. 18
Attention Mercenaries, We will be performing a scheduled server maintenance for CROSSFIRE Europe on Wednesday, June 20th, 2018. Maintenance will start at 3:00 AM CEST and is expected to last approximately 4 hours. During this time CROSSFIRE Europe will not be available for play. In addition, the website might not be reachable at all times during the maintenance. This is also your chance to get t...
Server open - Patch applied 7th June 2018
Jun. 07
Attention Mercenaries! The maintenance is completed, the servers are back online. Read about the updates in our patch notes.Thank you for your patience.Enjoy playing!CROSSFIRE Europe Team
Transfer completed - Welcome back
May. 10
Attention Mercenaries,With today’s (10th May) scheduled maintenance, the service transfer from Smilegate Europe to Smilegate West Inc. has been completed.All players will be able to continue playing CROSSFIRE Europe after agreeing to the updated 'Terms of Use', 'Privacy Policy' and 'EULA' which will be displayed on the game client und website.Full details of the updated terms can be found at...
VVIP Raffle Event
Apr. 23
Attention Mercenaries!The winners of the VVIP Raffle Event have been drawn!The following players have won a timed VVIP:HIGH - Ak47 Knife BBcatriscau - Bladed KnucklesFETZIE1337 - Shovel BBim*_*SkiLLeD - DE BB*-RPT-banni. - Bladed Knuckles67Tx - DE BB.OniChan- - Bladed Knucklesdeltamy - Ak47 Knife BBThenium - Shovel BBvutroslav - Ak47 Knife BBCongratulations to all winners!
Raffle Winners Kill Frenzy and Map of the Week
Apr. 12
Attention Mercenaries!The winners of the Kill Frenzy and the Map of the Week event have been drawn!The following players have won a weapon of choice:-Pody.Guiding*RaculiaPlease contact us through our Support Center to let us know which weapon you would like te receive!The 10 winners of the Free RP Tickets from the Map of the Week were drawn and already received their prizes!Congratulations to all ...
Choosing the best payment method
Feb. 21
Attention Mercenaries! As you might know, different payment methods charge different amounts of fees for their services when you charge RagePoints (RP). In practice this may lead to situations, where you might pay more without necessarily getting more RP. In order to make this more transparent for you, we separately highlighted the payment system fees when you charge RP using Xsolla as a payment m...
Special Weekend Event 03.02-04.02
Feb. 01
Attention Mercenaries,here is your chance to grab a Gold Phoenix I Capsule and to win some Free RP Tickets!Just follow these steps on Saturday or Sunday to grab your reward:Like our Facebook Page!Comment the linked Facebook post with your call-sign!Play at least 1 hour and you will get 1 Gold Phoenix I RP CapsuleBONUS: Play at least 3 hours and you will enter the raffle to win 10 Free RP Tickets! ...
Important - Your Account Security
Jan. 31
Attention Mercenaries! Here are some rules and tricks to keep your account safe: Summary Do not share your account data. Do not buy or sell accounts. Do not use third party programs. Any of the above will end up with you losing your account. 1. Account Sharing It is forbidden! Traded accounts or accounts offered for trading will be banned permanently. Point 3.a. of the Terms of Use forbids any ...
PM_CrisCross Christmas Surprise
Dec. 22. 2017
Attention Mercenaries,PM_CrisCross has sent a small Christmas gift to every mercenary who was active in the last 2 weeks.If you logged in at least once in the time period from the 7th to the 21st of December you will find the following XMas items in your inventory:Sleigh Backpack (7days)Snowman Backpack (3days)Rudolph Glasses (7days)Rudolph Helmet (7days)[NT] Christmas Snow (7days)[SP] Christmas T...
Santa's Wishlist winners
Dec. 21. 2017
Attention Mercenaries!Santa was making a list and checking it twice, he found out who was naughty and who was nice! The winners of the Santa's Wishlist event are:klein46 Ez_1v5 .VORTEX AllTimeAsnee lx53 Smaj_Lee uG.User Its.Showtime panhecas1993 R*3 Kajca T0F OkoMiSkoko23 -Terminator. Myrtenaster [TG]*Smack RGB O_Y_K-killer W1Z4RD. Axinel The winner of the facebook wish event is:Burry.Merry Christ...
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