RP Bonus - December Special
Dec. 01-Dec. 31
Receive great XMas items for free when you charge 30,000 RP!
Monthly Arsenal - December
Dec. 01-Dec. 31
Log in, play and collect kills this December to get new equipment!
First Time Buyer RP Bonus
Dec. 01-Dec. 21
Receive Bonus RP and extra items fpr your very first RP charge!
Map of the Week
Dec. 07-Dec. 20
Play on Toy Castle and return to the classic Castle for the second week.
Road to Christmas and Santa's Wishlist
Dec. 07-Dec. 20
Fulfill personal goals and community goals to get rewarded and get your name on Santa's nice-list.
Gold Black Dragon Capsule - Special Offer
Dec. 07-Dec. 20
Get the new Gold Black Dragon capsule with free capsules on top, if you buy packs of 30 or 50!
Daily Play Event
Dec. 07-Dec. 20
Play 30 minutes every day and receive christmassy rewards!
FFA Kill'mas
Dec. 07-Dec. 20
Get kills in FFA and be rewarded for it!
GM Brawl 15.12.2017
Dec. 15-Dec. 15
Play with our Game Masters for fun and chats, receive a GM capsule on top!
Moderator Play Event
Dec. 14-Dec. 14
Play a game with the moderators and receive 2 moderator capsules.
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