Patch Notes 07.12.2017
Dec. 07
[Map]Toy Castle - Get involved in playful, yet deadly games in this playground for grown mercenaries![Weapons]Steyr TMP-Gold Black Dragon (Gold Black Dragon RP Capsule) - What a beauty, it has a dragon on it. A dragon!CBJ-MS (Dual Hatchet GP Capsule) - A hundred shots in a very light SMG - watch out![Events]Weekly Featured Map - Have fun in the Toy Castle and go back to the real Castle the week af...
Patch Notes 23.11.2017
Nov. 23
[Black Friday]Bonus RPReceive 25% Bonus RP on all your RP purchases between 23rd and 29th of November! Black Friday Frenzy - New VVIPThe all new Desert Eagle El Dorado is available at a stunning price of 80,000 RP. Black Friday Frenzy - Discounted Packages13 amazing packages with big discounts to cater for all tastes and prices, ranging from 3,000 RP to 183,000 RP! Black Friday Frenzy - Capsules ...
Patch Notes 09.11.2017
Nov. 09
[Mode] Boss Brawl - You and your friend against the rest of the world...well, against two other players actually. Play as a boss monster and use your unique skills to prevail in this PvP mode! [Weapons] AK-47-Knife-DMZ-OptimusKukri-OptimusAI-G.-OptimusM4A1-S-Dual Mag-OptimusDual Colt-OptimusBlack Knife-Optimus [Capsules]Optimus RP Capsule AAK-47-Knife-DMZ-OptimusKukri-OptimusAI-G.-Optimus Optimus ...
Patch Notes 26.10.2017
Oct. 26
[Maps]Halloween - The beloved Halloween Event Map is back! Play it in Elimination Mode and Team Death Match![Weapons]9A-91-Halloween 2017IAS-Halloween 2017Dual Colt-Halloween 2017M82A1 Barrett-Halloween 2017Grenade-Halloween 2017[Items]2017 Halloween Spray2017 Halloween Namecard[Capsules]It’s Halloween time and that means we have a brand new Halloween capsule with brand new weapons for you! ...
Patch Notes 12.10.2017
Oct. 11
[Maps] -Ankara 2.0 - new S&D map requested by you in our survey. Fight it out in the ancient streets of Turkey![Weapons]- M4A1-S-Iron Beast-Noble Gold- B.C-Axe-Beast-Noble Gold[Capsules]Two new Noble Gold weapons in the Noble Beast RP Capsule III. Buy packs of 30 or 50 capsules to receive additional FREE capsules on top! Noble Beast RP Capsule III- M4A1-S-Iron Beast-Noble Gold- B.C-Axe-Beast-N...
Patch Notes 28.09.2017
Sep. 28
[Maps]Refinery - new S&D map and the winner of our community survey. You wanted to have it, here you go![Weapons]5 CFS 2017 Celebration Weapons and the comeback of CFS 2016 Weapons War Fan[Items]- CFS Spray- CFS Name Card[Capsules]6th Anniversary RP Hyper Capsule- M82A1-Divine Dragon- M14EBR-Silencer-Divine Dragon- Desert Eagle-Divine Dragon- Kukri- Divine Dragon This special anniversary capsu...
14.09.2017 Patch Notes
Sep. 13
[Mode]Weapon Master - Master all weapons in this special Free-For-All mode! [Weapons]VVIP M4A1-S-Prism BeastTokarev TT-33 GP WeaponM4A1-GuitarGold BarScorpion EVO3A1 [Capsules]Rock and Gold RP Capsule (for a limited time only!)- M4A1-Guitar- Gold Bar Scorpion EVO3A1 GP Capsule- Scorpion EVO3A1 [Events]- Weapon Master Launch Event - Play the new mode to receive rewards!- 6th Anniversary Showdown -...
31.08.2017 Patch Notes
Aug. 30
[Maps]Aquarium (TDM)[Weapons]M4A1-S-Gold PhoenixCop 357-Gold PhoenixB.C-Axe-Gold Phoenix[Capsules]Gold Phoenix RP Capsule- M4A1-S-Gold Phoenix- COP 357-Gold Phoenix- B.C.-Axe-Gold Phoenix Old Passion RP Capsule- AT15-Afghan- CETME Ameli- Brick There are special set bonuses if you buy 10-packs, 30-packs or 50-packs of the Gold Phoenix and Old Passion capsules. Also, there are special offers on 5 di...
17.08.2017 Patch Notes
Aug. 17
[Mode]Ranked Season 4[Maps]Fatal Canyon (Biohazard 3)[Weapons]VVIP Shovel Born BeastAN94 (from GP capsule)SR-25 Burning Shot (from RP capsule)Powered Fist (BIO3 reward)Anaconda-Fast Draw-Fatal Wasp (BIO3 reward)P90-WildShot-Fatal Wasp (BIO3 reward)CETME Amelie-Fatal Wasp (BIO3 reward)M14EBR-FatalWasp (BIO3 reward)AWM-Longbill (BIO3 reward)[Items]Attack Drone (BIO3 reward and RP item). Note: the At...
01.08.2017 Patch Notes
Jul. 31
[Mode]Big Head Mode is finally here!The more you kill, the more your head grows, the easier you are to hit.Note: in the scoreboard, the Death column and Status (=Ping) column are overlapping.[Maps]Museum (Team Death Match)Arena 2 (Elimination Mode)[Weapons]HK G28 - GP Weapon[Items]Big Head Spray and Name Card[Capsules]Noble Beast RP Capsule- AWM-Infernal Dragon-Noble Gold- Desert Eagle-Born Beast-...
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