Patch Notes 13.09.2018
Sep. 12
[Modes/Maps]Search and Destroy - New Satellite[New RP Capsules]Ronove RP CapsulesM4A1-C-RonoveAK47-Scope-Ronove*Lasts for 2 weeks***Bug Fixes***An issue where the FAD said it had a +10 ammo buff.An issue where the AK12 Iron Spider Noble Gold didn't state its +5 ammo buff.An issue where the FAD would be labeled as a SMG, once the VVIP Thompson-Infernal was equipped. An issue where the DX character ...
Patch Notes 06.09.2018
Sep. 06
[Modes/Maps]Fatal Canyon Refresh version - Biohazard 3• Expert and Nightmare difficulties added• Beat Wesley Long Bill in 5mins to trigger the bonus mission (Only in the new difficulties) • Beat Bonus mission to receive a Bonus Mission Box• New Support Items (Gold Drone/Gold Flag of Restoration)Fatal Cayon Bonus Mission Box• AWM Marlin (Permanent/30days)• AWM Marlin f...
Patch Notes 16.08.2018
Aug. 14
[Modes/Maps]Weapon Master (TDM) - Mexico[New RP Capsules]7th Anniversary RP CapsulesM4A1-XS-Eternal DragonBarrett M82A1-Eternal DragonSteyr TMP-Eternal DragonShovel-Eternal Dragon*Lasts for 3 weeks[Mileage Shop Weapons]Kar 98K - Winter Camo (3 Days)AK-47-B (3 Days)D.Eagle-Crystal (3 Days)*Starts 1st September***Bug Fixes***An issue where the Crazy Mutant and Mutant Hulk had a description issue for...
Patch Notes 02.08.2018
Aug. 01
[Modes/Maps]Parkour Map: Taichi Space[New RP Capsules]Chroma Set CapsulesAK-47 ChromaDesert Eagle-ChromaB.C Axe-ChromaRazer Set CapsulesM4A1-RazerAWM-RazerGatling Gun-Razer*Please note these are only available for purchase through the razer event page for a limited time. These capsules CANNOT be purchased in-game.[System Changes]Plus Mission items have been replaced with Capsule Coupons in player ...
Patch Notes 19.07.2018
Jul. 18
[Modes/Maps]Event Mode: Cops and Robbers[New RP Capsules]Noble Beast RP Capsule VII M82A1 - Noble SharkD.E.-Noble El Dorado*Lasts for 2 weeks ***Bug Fixes***An issue where Server/Channel name overlapped the FPS counter in game.An issue where the text on the Predator Circus map was backwards.An issue where the Elimination Map Arena 2 did not have PSG-1s on either side.An issue where players would b...
Patch Notes 05.07.2018
Jul. 04
[Color Customization][VVIP] M4A1-S-Iron BeastColor customization option has been added to the M4A1-S-Iron Beast!Select the customization button on your M4A1-S-Iron Beast to access these settingsFor a limited time, the M4A1-S-Iron Beast will appear on sale in the VVIP Shop for 81,000 RP (40% Discount)[Modes/Maps]Search & Destroy: SampaTeam Death Match: Stadium 2018[New RP Capsules]Prime Beasts ...
Patch Notes 20.06.2018
Jun. 19
[New VVIP]VVIP:[VVIP] Guan Yu Package - 150000 RP M4A1-S-Guan YuGlock 18C-Guan YuVVIP Effects:[VVIP] M4A1-S-Guan Yu effects:Emergency Attack - PistolEmergency Attack - Magazine ThrowUltra Fast Reload SpeedSpecial AttackAll Rifles in bags gain extra ammo200% EXP Boost for you30% EXP Boost for All Players20% GP Boost for All Players[VVIP] Glock 18C-Guan Yu effects:Auto firing 5% EXP Boost for you2% ...
Patch Notes 07.06.2018
Jun. 04
[New Character]Masha - 9500 RP An Elite Sniper, hailing from behind the Iron Curtain, with a confirmed kill count numbering in the hundreds.*Removed after two weeks.[Modes/Maps]Bot Team Death Match: Egypt [New RP Capsules]Digital Camo RP CapsulesTar-21-Digital CamoQBZ-03-Digital CamoUSP Match-Digital CamoDSR-1 DC ***Bug fixes***Fixed an issue where the M14EBR-Xmas Red Ribbon was using the Characte...
Patch Notes 24.05.2018
May. 23
[Modes/Maps]Weapon Master (TDM): Transport Ship[New RP Capsules]Noble Beast RP Capsule VIAK-12-Iron Spider-Noble GoldKnuckles-Inf. Dragon-Noble Gold*Lasts for 2 weeks ***Bug fixes***The [VVIP] Desert Eagle-El Dorado will now show the correct image in storage.The VVIP color customization guide had a typo.The M14EBR RP had the wrong M14EBR asset on the featured items.
Patch Notes 10.05.2018
May. 10
[New and Improved Systems]Casual Ranking SystemHall of fame will display various top users from previous event and skill ranking seasons.Event ranking displays the top 100 users from Parkour mode.Skill ranking displays the top 100 users for various popular game modes.*Updated daily at 6 am UTCAuto Side Swap SystemAn automatic Side Swapping system has been applied to Search and Destroy matches. Onc...
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