Crossfire Europe Summer’s Most Wanted!
Jun. 12. 2012-Jun. 12. 2012
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Attention Mercenaries!

This summer season we’re giving you, the fans, a chance to shape the game you know and love. Your votes have been counted and over the next few months, we’ll be updating the content YOU wanted to see! Check out what’s coming up in the first half of the June update below!

2nd Half of June

Server Upgrade:

Recent lag and disconnection issues have been fixed!

New Capsule Weapons:

Red Dragon MEGA Capsule: 3 Limited Rare Weapons to Win!

New Equipment:

Skull Beanie Fire Shades

1st Half of June: 15.06.12

New Maps:

New Capsule Weapons:

New Shop Weapons:

Mission Exclusive Weapons:

New Plus Mission System:

Introducing the new Plus Mission system for Crossfire Europe! Please refer below for a quick guide on how to use this new system.

Step 1: Purchase the new Plus Mission item from the Item Shop under the Item tab.
Step 2: Upon purchasing, if you go into your ‘Challenge’ information, you’ll notice that there is a Plus Mission section and you have ‘1’ remaining for use.

Step 3: Click ‘Target Change’ to activate the Plus Mission. Click the various drop-down menus that appear to set your mission and mission completion prize. Once everything is ready, click ‘Change’ and that mission will be applied.
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