Rules and Regulations

1. Participation Eligibility

  1. Team Composition
    1. Each team must register the 5 players.
    2. Teams cannot register any substitute player.
    3. Anyone who is an employee of Smilegate, publisher or organizer associated with CFS shall not be allowed to participate as a player in the NF.
  2. Roster
    1. Once the roster is submitted to the organizer, roster changes shall not be allowed. Changes in the roster will be subject to penalties or even disqualification.
    2. The winning team (representative team) in the NF must keep the same line-up for participating in the GF.
    3. If due to unforeseen circumstances (death, disability, etc.), the team member must be replaced, such case will be reviewed by organizer.
  3. Team/Player Name
    1. All NF teams must submit the team names when the roster is submitted.
    2. Every player who participates in a CF eSports tournament must register a unique nickname (once) and an in-game name for every tournament.
      1. Nickname: each player is required to submit a unique nickname that cannot be changed. No team names, sponsorship names, and such will be allowed.
      2. In-game name: using the nickname, the players may modify the in-game name when registering to CFS. Team names and sponsorship names will be allowed.

      3. Any team name, player name or sponsorship name that is considered as public moral offenses or violation against CROSSFIRE service policies must be changed.
  4. Age and Residency
    1. CROSSFIRE’s ESRB rating is Teen (Age +13). Anyone born after Dec 1st 2005 will not be allowed to enter CFS 2018 Grand Finals (GF) and therefore cannot participate in NF.
    2. Players participating in the NF must either (1) have the nationality of the respective region or (2) legally reside in the respective region where NF takes place for at least 2 years. All players reaching the top 3 of the NF must prove their nationality or residency by submitting documentary evidence of eligibility.


Unique nickname (like a person’s name)

No change of any kind is allowed

Not allowed. Purely the nickname must be used.


- Only English

- Maximum 8 characters

- Must use English alphabet and numbers 0-9 only (special characters and spaces are NOT allowed)

- Capitalization will be distinguished Example: cRosF94

- Same nickname cannot be used by 2 or more people. Latter registering player will be asked to change nickname.





Bosnia and Herzegovina




Czech Republic





In-game name

Name appearing in the game screen

Modification allowed (each tournament)

Must insert team name or sponsorship name, etc.

All players in the team must have the same team/sponsorship name.


- Only English

- The order shall be the following:

- It is composed by team name/sponsorship name (maximum 3 characters) + an underscore sign "_" + your Nickname (maximum 8 characters)

- Must use English alphabet and numbers 0-9 only (special characters and spaces are NOT allowed)

- Capitalization will be distinguished Example: SGE_cRosF94

- Same team name/sponsorship name cannot be used by 2 or more teams in the same tournament. Latter registering team will be asked to change name.




Team Sponsorship



















San Marino








Vatican City

United Kingdom

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2. Game Regulations

  1. Game Version: CROSSFIRE (latest game version)
  2. Match mode: Search and Destroy (Team match)
  3. Weapons, Characters, Maps, Items
    1. Weapons - Only the official CFS weapons will be permitted. These will be distributed to all players participating in CFS 2018 NF
    2. Permitted Items
      • Bag 1~4
      • Extra Grenades
      • C4 Kit
      • Bulletproof Helmet & Vest
      • CFS Packages
      • EXP Plus items that are NOT dress items
      • All extra ammo items that are NOT other weapons
      • Clan Bag
      • Muzzle Flash Items

    3. Prohibited Items
      • RP Weapons
      • RP/MP Characters
      • VIP Weapons/Characters
      • Jump Boots
      • FP Plus Items
      • Dress Items
      • Any Ring Accessory
      • Any item not listed in Section III.b. Permitted Items

    4. Characters - GP Characters (including 2.0 GP Characters)
    5. Maps
      • Ankara
      • Mexico
      • Port
      • Sub base
      • Black Widow

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3. Matches

  1. General Regulations
    1. Format: 5 vs. 5 (Team Play, 5 players per team)
    2. Mode: Search and Destroy (Team match)
    3. Round Time: 2 minutes 30 seconds
    4. Match: a Match consists of one or more Sets.
    5. Set: a Set is composed by 18 rounds and the overtime rounds (Extra Rounds and/or Golden Round).
    6. In the event that the 18 rounds are tied, Extra Rounds + Golden Round will be played.
    7. Extra Round: If the rounds end in a draw, 6 extra rounds will be played: 3 rounds as Global Risk and 3 rounds as Black List per team. The match will end once a team reaches 4 rounds.
    8. Golden Round: If the Extra Rounds end in a draw, 1 more round (Golden Round) will be played to determine the winner team.
    9. The 18 rounds (Max rounds format) in a Set are played with 9 rounds as Global Risk and 9 rounds as Black List per team.
    10. The Set will end once a team reaches 10 rounds. The first team that reaches 10 rounds wins the Set.
    11. After the first half (first 9 rounds), the starting side will be switched.
  2. Map Selection and Starting Side
    1. The team listed higher in the match bracket, will be considered the Home Team
    2. The team listed lower in the match bracket will be considered the Away Team
    3. The map selection will proceed as follows
      • Away Team – Bans 1 map
      • Home Team – Bans 1 map
      • Away Team – Chooses 1st map to be played
      • Home Team – Chooses 2nd map to be played
      • (3rd map is automatically chosen)
      • Home Team – For the 1st map, chooses starting side (BL or GR)
      • Away Team – For the 2nd map, chooses starting side (BL or GR)
      • Home Team – For the 3rd map, chooses starting side (BL or GR)

    4. For Extra Rounds, the starting side and map will be identical to the “first half” of the Set.
    5. For the Golden Round, the starting side and map will be identical to the “second half” of the Set.
  3. Match Preparation
    1. All matches must have 5 players in each team. If a team fails to have the 5 players, the match will be forfeited.
    2. Players need to be present 1 hour before the match starts to guarantee their own playing conditions.
    3. The organizer will not be responsible for performance issues related to the player`s personal peripherals.
    4. The leader(captain) of each team is required to be on CF EU Discord for tournament related communication. Failure to comply with this clause may lead to penalties to the team.
  4. During the Match
    1. For the entire duration of the match, players must abide to all of the referee’s instructions.
  5. After the Match
    1. Captain of each team will be required to submit their score (rounds for and against) and replay files for each set in the match. This must be completed immediately after the match in the Discord chatroom.
    2. Failure to submit scores/replays will result in a forfeit of the set. Failure to submit for both sets will result in a forfeit of the match.
    3. Disputes or violation reports must be made immediately through the Discord chatroom.

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4. Disconnection, System Errors, Remakes

  1. Disconnection: any connection loss between players due to system, network, PC, and/or power problems/issues.
  2. System error: being unable to proceed with the match due to PC and/or peripheral problems.
  3. Below are possible situations where a remake of the Set may occur at the discretion of the referee,
    1. Disconnection occurs upon game loading
    2. Disconnection of 1 player at the beginning of the match while all players are still alive
    3. Simultaneous disconnection of all players in the match
  4. It is forbidden to disconnect intentionally or leave the match in the middle of the game, to the lobby, and reconnect without reason. Such an act will be subject to penalty at the discretion of the referee.
  5. Pauses can only occur upon a disconnection or half time period
    1. Pauses may last no longer than 5 minutes
    2. Pauses are limited to a maximum of 1 per map per team
    3. If a disconnection occurs after a team has used their pause, the map is to continue
    4. If a disconnection occurs after a team has used their pause, the disconnected player may re-join the map
    5. Pause time between maps is to be a maximum of 5 minutes

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5. Official Warnings and Penalties

  1. A player will receive an “Official Warning” if he/she violates any of the rules and regulations.
  2. “Official Warnings” do not accumulate nor carry over matches. Warnings may result in deduction of points at the discretion of the referee.
  3. If a team receives two official warnings during a match, they shall forfeit the set in which they received the second warning.
  4. “Forfeit” means being defeated for that specific set. In some cases, the team shall forfeit the match, at the discretion of the referee.
  5. “Disqualifications” are stricter penalties than “Forfeit” and will be given for serious violations which will result in complete removal from the current and future CFS tournaments.
  6. “Official warning” and “Forfeit” are made by the referee.
  7. “Disqualification” decisions are made by the tournament official.

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6. Unfair Practices (including attempts) Subject to Penalty

  1. Permitted
    1. Boosting (stepping on top of a team player or nearby objects)
    2. Double jumping and Ghost Step (China Walk)
    3. Climbing up to higher structures by stepping on a lower structure or a teammate
  2. Subject to Forfeit
    1. Change of players once a match has started.
    2. C4 must be planted at a visible location. Planting C4 at a location where boosting is required is not allowed. The following are examples of Forbidden Areas:

    3. If a player is found to be gaining an unfair advantage through an external source (press, team leader, player, spectator, etc.), the team may be subject to forfeit.
    4. If the player is found to be abusing a rule(s) intentionally, the player will be forfeited at the referee’s discretion.
  3. Subject to Disqualification:
    1. Moving by abnormal method (such as using a bug).
    2. All players must set the color setting at 32 bit (16 bit is strictly forbidden). Failing to play with 32 bit setting will result in the team’s Disqualification. Use of unauthorized hardware.
    3. Using any program on computers that can provide any kind of assistance during a match. The identification of such software may result in disqualification of the team.
    4. During specific matches, players must use the programs provided by the organizer. If specific software is necessary, it must be asked the organizer to accompany the installation. If a player is found to have installed a prohibited program, the match will be forfeited and the team will be disqualified from the CFS tournament.
    5. Hacking into an account, server, computer, or other that is used for the tournament
    6. Any methods in circumventing the game rules will be penalized at the discretion of the referee.

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7. Conduct/Action (including attempts) Subject to Penalty

  1. Exhibiting any behavior that goes against the spirit of fair play or displays improper player etiquette or any behavior that damages another player’s reputation.
  2. Use of language or behavior that is obscene, vulgar, insulting, threatening, abusing, slandering, defaming, discriminatory or in any way objectionable.
  3. Providing false information on his/her profile and/or documents.
  4. Failing to show up on time for the match at the indicated time or absence of member(s).
  5. Abusive speech and improper behavior against the organizer officials, tournament staff, referees, other players, and/or audience.
  6. Disobeying instructions given by the organizer officials, tournament staff, and/or referees.
  7. Engaging in any activity that is considered by the organizer as immoral, shameful, or contrary to conventional ethical behavior standards.
  8. Bribing or attempting to bribe a referee or organizer.
  9. Engaging in any action that influences the outcome of a game or match by any means.
  10. Team members are allowed to wear clothing with logos or promotional pictures; however the organizer retains the right to ban clothing, at its own discretion, if it deems that it shows any inappropriate or offensive message.
  11. Any other inappropriate behavior, at the discretion of the referee and the organizer, may result in a Warning, Forfeit, Disqualification.
  12. The referee’s Final Decision shall be absolute and no objection will be accepted.

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8. Use of Anti-Cheat

  1. Blackbox Anti-Cheat ( will be used for all matches
  2. Use of the anti-cheat will be mandatory.
  3. Proof of use of the anti-cheat will be asked for at the discretion of the official.
  4. Proof of use of the anti-cheat cannot be deleted until the official dictates.
  5. Only the servers chosen by the organizers can be used to upload proof of use of the anti-cheat.
  6. Modifying, altering or not presenting the proof of use of the anti-cheat, will be motive for disqualification.
  7. Account impersonation is prohibited
  8. The time permitted to present the proof of use of the anti-cheat will be announced by the official.
  9. All the replays must be saved by at least 3 members of each team.
  10. Only the latest version of the anti-cheat will be accepted for use. It is the responsibility of the player to install and make sure it is working effectively.

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9. Right to Raise an Objection

  1. When a team disagrees with a decision made regarding a problem that occurred during a match, the team may immediately raise an “Objection and Decision Adjustment” through Discord chatroom specific to the match being played.
    1. When an objection is raised, the referee and the tournament official will review and make the Final Decision to resolve the dispute.
    2. During the Decision Adjustment Process, only the team leader will be permitted to represent the team and raise the team’s opinions.
    3. Once the Final Decision has been made, no further “Objection and Decision Adjustment” may be requested. Any teams disagreeing with the decision will “forfeit” the match.
    4. Objection for a match that has ended (completed) will not be accepted.

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10. Right to Content Ownership

  1. By participating, all teams and players grant their image rights to Smilegate, the publisher, and affiliated parties to be used for website contents or any other promotional purpose.
  2. All CFS NF broadcasting rights shall be owned by Smilegate and the publisher.

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11. Final Provisions

  1. These rules may be amended or supplemented in the following cases:
    1. Should the publisher, at its sole discretion, decide to modify in-game settings and options required by the use of most recent patch version/release.
    2. Should the publisher, at its sole discretion, decide to use a newly released cheat protection program and/or cheat protection function.
    3. Should the publisher, at its sole discretion, decide to change game settings and/or operations guidelines due to differences between online and offline tournaments.
    4. Should the publisher, at its sole discretion, evaluates it is in the best interest of the tournament.
    5. For any rule amendment, the publisher will be responsible to inform each participating player.
  2. The publisher reserves the right to make decisions on items not outlined in these rules and regulations.

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