Emergency Attack


Exclusive Kill Mark

Special Attributes

Emergency Attack Magazine Throw

Ultra-fast Reload Speed

Special Attack

All Rifles gain extra Ammo

200% EXP Boost for You

30% EXP Boost for All Players

Secondary Weapon

20% GP Boost for All Players

the packages

M4A1-S-Guan Yu

Don't Own a VVIP?

Own a VVIP?

Own a M4A1 VVIP?

150,000 RP

25% OFF

150,000 RP

30% OFF

150,000 RP

40% OFF

112,500 RP

105,000 RP

90,000 RP

30% OFF

30% OFF

30% OFF


infernal dragon

kukri Beast

B.C-Axe Beast

95,000 RP

95,000 RP

95,000 RP

66,500 RP

66,500 RP

66,500 RP

*VVIP Rifle : M4A1-S-Predator, M4A1-S-Born Beast, M4A1-S-Iron Beast, M4A1-S-Prism Beast, M4A1-S-Jewelry.

**Discount only applies to M4A1-S-GuanYu. The Melee VVIPS will be 30% off for all packages.

***You must have a character in Crossfire Europe, in order to receive your items.

bonus items

Guan Yu Name Card

Guan Yu Spray

RoseĀ (Character)

30 days

Ruyi Jungu Bang

30 days

50 Sun Wukong Set

RP Capsules

Bonus Package Special

When you bundle the new VVIP with a Melee VVIP above, you get double the Bonus items Ruyi Jungu Bang and Sun Wukong Set RP Capsule!

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