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1. What is Hero Mode?

Hero Mode is an enhanced rule set for Mutation Mode that can now be played in Crossfire Europe. While it follows the format of the familiar Mutation Mode, and items affecting Mutation Mode may also be used in Hero Mode, the Soldiers team can be joined by a grizzled mutant-destroying war hero!

2. How to play Hero Mode?

You can choose Hero Mode when creating a new room, the same way you would select any other mode. Simply click the New Room button and choose Hero Mode from the drop-down list:
There are a few differences between Hero Mode and Mutation Mode that are important to understand before you conquer this new game play format. First, unless the killing blow on a mutant is a headshot, it will rise from the grave to continue its reign of terror on the soldier team! Only the final shot counts, or else you're going to face a never-ending wave of mutant domination.

However, that doesn't come without some help for the soldiers too! For every mutant killed, whether they come back to life or not, the soldier team will become inspired and gain a stacking boost to their damage, helping to bring down even the toughest mutants faster

After five mutant kills, soldier damage is doubled, so go for the kill!

Finally, the soldiers have a secret weapon of their own in the Hero.

As long as there are at least 4 mercenaries in the room, you've got a chance of one of you starting the round as a Hero, just like some players will randomly start as Mutants. The Hero starts off with a special rifle: the FAL CAMO. Furthermore, the Hero is resistant to mutant attack, and can take two hits from a mutant before becoming infected.
In addition to being a powerful rifle, the FAL CAMO has an under-barrel Grenade Launcher that you can switch to with Right Click.
Since the Hero's weapon is unique, all weapon crates collected by the Hero will always restore his rifle and grenade ammo
to full.

3. Hero Mode Tips

With the addition of the Hero and stacking damage enhancements, it's clear that the goal of Hero Mode is to give the Soldiers a fighting chance against the Mutants. Here are a few tips to maximize your chance of taking home a win for the Soldiers:

Having more players in the room increases the chance of a Hero appearing. Once you have at least 13 players, you're guaranteed to get a Hero!
Mutants receive Rage from taking large amounts of damage, so if you plan to attack a Mutant, be sure you kill it so it doesn't have a chance to strike back as a Titan.
If a player with the Mutant Fire Suit item is chosen as the Hero, it will take THREE hits instead of two before he is mutated.
Start the round spread out; if you gather together in a group and one of you becomes a Mutant, it's going to be a short round!
Rally around your Hero, he's got the best attack against the Mutants! The Hero is shown by a special marker on the map, so it's always easy to find him.
Pay attention to map announcements: when the Hero is mutated, it will show in the center of the screen. That's your cue to find a defensive position!
The Nano Grenade does extra damage to Mutants and is affected by the Attack Power boost too. Save your grenade until the attack boost gets higher to pile on the damage!
Finally, the most important tip of all: always aim for the head! A Mutant killed with a body shot will come back from the dead.